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CRAIG Bellamy has ordered the Melbourne Storm to play to its strengths and be more direct with the footy.

The Storm can stitch up the minor premiership on Saturday in Newcastle, but coach Bellamy is mindful of bad habits creeping in before finals.

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"It's a team thing and perhaps me as a coach too needs to be a little bit more aware of that, so I take a little bit of blame as well," Bellamy said.

"It's not disastrous but we've just gone away a little bit from what we were doing early in the season where we were really effective, and not a long way away but just a little bit, and we just need to get back to our strengths in attack and defence.

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Clarke was faced with a difficult choice as she sacrificing her life to ensure that her friends make it back into space. However, in the final 5 minutes of the episode the show flash forward to 6 years, wherein we found out that Clarke has survived and is now with living another young nightblood named Maddie.