Validating credit card

This requires an extra Java Script function that implements the Luhn algorithm: For the logic and history behind the algorithm see the link above.

Basically it's a method used by credit card companies for decades now to detect errors in card numbers without having to look up the actual account.

A lot of forms set the of the field to 16 characters which means that you can type most of your number - using spaces or dashes to separate blocks of numbers - before running out of space and having to go back and remove the spaces before entering the rest. Others will let you enter the number with extra characters, but then send you back an error message when the form is submitted. Let's see how we can do it better: What have we done then?

: When the form is submitted the credit card input will be numbers only which is handy for processing, but you shouldn't force the user to do the work for you.

Is this code validates all credit card numbers and show alert for all credit card details.your credit card number is valid and Visa card, your credit card number is valid and Master card so on..

This has to be done only once, and after this, the limit is cleared.1) In your Payza account, click "Wallet" in the left-side column.2) Select "Credit Cards".3) Locate the credit card you would like to validate and click “Re-submit documents”.4) Upload your new document.5) Review the document then click "Send" to submit it.There has got to be a way to verify the credit card works and they have enough funds for the order without placing a 30 day pending charge on the credit card.We are getting a lot of angry customers calling about these pending charges on their credit card. The first step is the verify where the customer enters their CC info and billing address and it verifies the card and tells them that.Then they click on "Submit Order" and it captures the authorized/pending transaction.