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Open str Connect Thanks for your reply, In your code we are making connection with Excel file, but how to let the code know, that we need to insert data in Ms. Following line of code will make connection with Excel file and make the connection open: rs Conn. Open str Connect You're right, sorry, I just logged back in to tell you to ignore my previous post. It is generally advisable to query closed workbooks, though to what extent this is absolutely necessary I don't know. In Excel, open the Access database; set the database up to execute a form on startup; use the form's timer to execute a query which does the import; then have the query close Access when it's finished running.

Full Name & ";" & _ "Extended Properties=Excel 12.0;" rs Conn. Full Name & ";" & _ "Extended Properties=Excel 12.0;" rs Conn. You can still run this from Excel using automation.

It works all right until I close the Excel application.

By John Walkenbach VBA for Excel 2016 is fast, but it’s not always fast enough.

(Computer programs are never fast enough.) Keep reading to discover some programming examples you can use to speed up your macros.

Fortunately, you can disable the screen updating that normally occurs when you execute a macro.

To turn off screen updating, use the following statement: The range is filled much faster, and you don’t see the result until the macro is finished running and screen updating is (automatically) set to True.