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My on-air radio career is, let’s be honest now, a vanishingly long time in the past which is why I rarely hark back to it these days.

Once again, it's an understated affair which hits best with its low-swung technique - more rolling than jumpy, more grumbling that shouty, it's the type of tunes you'd expect to hear Randall play at 3am. Jaydan continues his prolific cavalcade of crucialness with four more savage jams as he makes his long-overdue debut on Maji's Sweet Tooth. Three generations of drum & bass craftsmen combine to form a mean Voltron; OGs Total Science, DNAudio alumni Hyrdo and relative newcomer War fuse to fire up four authentic wallshakers.

Highlights come in the form of every track but don't sleep on the elastic bass stretches and sultry vocal on "All The Time" (with Raz), the ludicrously flabby bass on the brilliantly titled "Big Food Mover" and the epic, not to mention sandpapery, collabo between Aggers, Greezey and Kumarachi "AZR". Big riff thunder pieces tailored for deep mix head-twisting, across the set we're kicked in the guts by the sandpaper riff on "Pagan Times", pushed into a deep hole with the anarchic atonal grit of "Snitch", our arms are ripped off as we salute too hard to the early Propaganda style "Tear It Down" and we skank ourselves to death with the ace jungle lash out "Run Da Riddim". Highlights and mesmerising moments fly from every corner; the layered rolls of percussion and fluidity of "Denial", the rasping electrified bass gurgles of "Straight G", the wily drumfunk and jazzy twangs of "Deluge" and the vibe-flipping euphoric electronica waves on the breezy soul roller "Aegean Blues".

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"Kill The Snake", an absolute blinder of a riff track that mixes with everything and sticks in your head like pure gorilla glue.

What doesn’t help is that I have vanishingly few good examples of it, most of the tapes I have dating from a period when I was frantic about where my career was going and with a note of panic sounding in my voice.

Hence it was a nice bonus to the other day stumble across a tape from a period when I was sounding happy, confident and above all something approaching good.

Havin digitised it, it seemed a shame not to share, not just for the benefit of those friends who begged to hear it but the world in general.

If only as an example of how local radio sounded almost 20 years ago.