Sexy webcam preview

Rod Stewart’s 1979 hit “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” is getting a reboot — with a little help from DNCE.

Stewart collaborated with the Joe Jonas-fronted group on a new version of the song, which will premiere Friday (Aug. They’ll perform the re-imagined “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” live together for the first time at this year’s MTV VIdeo Music Awards on Sunday night (Aug. The announcement coincides with Stewart’s new partnership with Republic Records, which is also DNCE’s label.

There has been a significant rise in the number of women going into online adult work, such as webcam modelling and adult chat.

Even in today’s current economic state, both services seem to show no signs of slowing down and for some workers, it appears you can earn you a decent living from it.

It's a web red light district, and unlike some gaudy Dutch strip or seedy sidewalk, you're completely anonymous. The basic premise of the cam girl game is a simple one: You pay a girl for her time, and in exchange, she'll take off her clothes, talk to you, play with herself (and others), or any combination thereof.

When your money is up, so's your time — the two of you part ways until you've got the cash and willingness to go at it again.

If you ask me, Intel's Core M platform was among the most exciting things announced this year. Because they make possible machines like this, a convertible 13-inch laptop that measures just a half-inch thick and weighs 2.62 pounds.

It's not because I've grown lazy; it's because there just haven't been many new models to test.

Nearly every laptop that crosses Engadget's reviews desk these days is a gaming notebook, a Chromebook or maybe one of those super-cheap netbook things.

That answers as much as it leaves up to the imagination. What was happening just before the shutter snapped? And not just something photo geeks get to play with after spending thousands of dollars on rigs that look like fly eyes — but personal 360-degree recording devices.

See at Amazon We've had this sort of photography for a while now thanks to Google's "Photosphere" effort.