Brandon flowers dating charlize

Now Charlize is focusing on her big-screen project, but she tried her hand at the small one over the Summer by appearing in a Brandon Flowers music video.View 5 Photos › » - Lindsay Miller Charlize Theron is dating a farmer.The Oscar-winning actress, who has been single since splitting from long-term love Stuart Townsend in January 2010, has reportedly started dating model-and-actor Eric Thal who owns a farm in New York.A friend of Eric told Life & Style magazine, "The two have a lot in common.Charlize is starring opposite Patrick Wilson, though in real life she's rumored to be moving on from her ex Stuart Townsend with actor and model Eric Thal.

And when Brandon came back home from touring, he was surprised to see that she had gotten involved in the church. There were no ultimatums.“ -So after 4 years, Brandon and Tana decided to get married and they had an intimate ceremony on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii on the 2nd of August, 2005.“THIS is me and my son Gunnar, who is four, and it’s great that the photographer managed to capture a rare, if unconventional, moment of affection.I wanted to spell his name ‘Gunner’ but my wife Tana made us go with ‘ar’ at the end to soften it a little bit. He’s the least affectionate of the three and when he does show affection, it’s kind of aggressive. "I'm going through some shifts," he says softly, with a nervous laugh."I had to go see a shrink." The treatment was inspired by a fear of flying, an inconvenient phobia for a hugely ambitious rock star on a mission to conquer the world with the Killers."The psychiatrist brought up my religious beliefs and I told him that death isn't the end," continues Flowers, a Mormon.