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I loved to watch her ass distend as she took a shit.We never got into the shitting on someone, playing with it etc. And this was not even for punishment--it was a supposed cure! Just the notion of having two quarts of soapy water pumped into my rear always filled me with apprehension. Best means high quality video and sound, attractive girl(not fat, or wrinkled), and highly sexual content. Any video or picture I upload is found online and full credit goes to the original artist/author/creator. Years ago, I had a great and very kinky relationship with a gal. Pictures depicting a woman's asshole are welcome also.

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Enemas are great for cleansing your colon and have many additional benefits. The simple truth is that it's easy and relatively safe.

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One time, I tied her up in the garage and gave her an enema and made her expel it into a 5 gallon bucket then fucked her in the ass. We had further roleplay scenarios that involved her having to hold her shit until permitted - then lots of sex followed.

I have not seen a page like that here - others seem to devolve into more than that which I have an interest.

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