Dating the older man

But perhaps he wouldn't think I would go for him given the age difference.I prefer dating older men — I’m talking a decade or more, like a Nigerian model who recently married a governor who is three decades her senior. For your information, absent dads do not always breed girls with a penchant for older men. Any girl can be a little slutty; it has nothing to do with their daddy. A lot of people find it immoral even when they don’t know the motivation behind the relationship.Women who prefer to date from a much older pool get unfairly lumped with the young women that like older men simply for their money. Sure, there’s a strategic advantage for women who snag an older gent —older men have had more time to accumulate resources and stability than his younger counterparts, which make them a more viable partner for a long-term relationship.You are pretty much guaranteed a secure and comfortable life but that’s not all.However I have managed to develop a crush on a guy who is 18 years my senior 🙄 We have chatted a bit on FB (we met in real life first through my ex 🙈) but other than saying to me "hope to see you soon" and liking one of my photos yesterday he hasn't asked to meet. If you like him, ask him for coffee and go from there, no reason to wait for him. My DH is nearly 72 and you would never be able to tell. I'm still young at heart so I think with us it's more being attracted to someone who has a lot more worldly experience. My "great love" (whom I'm still friends with some 20 years later) was 15 years older than me. I'm steering clear of the entire dating scene (over three years now) until I can make better decisions re men! So I am now the older woman I laugh when I am out with my dad and he is mistaken for being my husband.... Everyone has a preference or attraction and sometimes there is no rhym or reason behind it.What I should have been doing is living with a group of girls my own age, dating different men (my own age) and having the time of my life.

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He is never believed when he is asked his age by people who are 20 years younger than him. At the very worst he can say no and you feel a bit embarrassed for a few days. Good looking, sweet accent and honestly back in the day I wouldnt kick him out of bed Also do women really let the men do the work for dating in this day and age? Men age better than women because men aren't told wrinkles and greying hair is something to be ashamed of.Best believe he will call when he says he will and he will text you back in good time. An older man has generally been through more ups and downs in his life and therefore acts more mature than his younger counterparts. Not because my girlfriends and I got gloriously tipsy on cheap champagne and danced all night, watched the sunrise and then binge-watched DVDs all day in our pyjamas.Finances aside, the best part about dating a much older gentleman is that he knows exactly how to treat a lady and respect her feelings. They have made, or seen all the mistakes made in the dating game and have learnt from experience what to do and what not to do.In general, dating games are rather boring to a guy who’s probably had his fair share.