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It will also be an opportunity to meet some of the exhibiting artists and discuss their work.The weekend-long event will be held in Foxton Village Hall in Hardman Road with exhibits being displayed in two large gallery-style rooms."It can be hard for bigger women to find good leggings," she says. Sagun swears by her favorite brands Rainbeau Curves and Fractal 9 for comfy, colorful athletic wear."I've never really felt self-conscious about my body during yoga classes," Sagun says., she has been a respected author of fiction for teens.At the rate of approximately one book per year, Hobbs has crafted character-driven tales about young people on the verge of adulthood, forced to make serious decisions about the direction their lives will take.

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Want to get to know the staff members who will help our legal team pursue your case?“Last year we welcomed around 400 guests and we hope our exhibition will be just as popular again this year.” Guests are invited to the preview evening next Friday, November 13, from 7.30pm until 9.30pm.They will have a chance to view and reserve special pieces of work by the local artists involved.When she was in high school, her parents relocated the family from New Jersey to California, separating her not only from friends and beloved activities, but also from the urban surroundings in which she had grown up.This experience provides the catalyst for Hobbs's debut novel, How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadn't Called You Back?