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One of the scientists who took part in the analysis of the manuscript pointed out that the carbon dating was done on the parchment only, not on the ink.

Still, said Keith Small from the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library, talking to the Times of London, if tests on the ink are consistent with the time range established for the parchment, it would seem that at least parts of the Muslim holy book were actually created before the birth of the man considered God’s prophet.

The media is abuzz with news that a portion of the Koran, which Muslims believe was first recited by their prophet, Muhammad, may actually predate Muhammad himself.

And that, in turn, has implications for the historicity of Mohammed and his followers.” that if the dating is confirmed, as he believed would happen, it could raise serious problems for Islam,” since “This would radically alter the edifice of Islamic tradition.Two fragments from the Quran, discovered last month and considered the earliest written evidence of Islam’s holy book, have now been suggested to pre-date the birth of the prophet Muhammad, the founder of the religion.What the tests revealed initially, was that the parchment originated around 1,370 years ago.It would also, Small adds, push back the origins of written Arabic tradition into the sixth century.The fragments, which were found in possession of the University of Birmingham, bound in a seventh-century Qur’an manuscript and part of a collection containing 3,000 early Middle Eastern texts, include three suras, or chapters of the holy book.