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But builders Shaun and Carl have neatly solved that problem, by installing Honda CBR1000RR (Fireblade) forks and a set of custom triple trees.

The trees are a mighty 246mm wide, and were developed with the help of specialist Fastec Racing.

Even if the outcome is not completely in your favor, you will feel respected and valued as a person because your coworker heard your thoughts and feelings regarding the issue and vice versa before you brainstormed a decision together.

Being aware of the reactions of those around you is a big difference between being assertive or aggressive, according to Lynn Taylor in a "Psychology Today" article.

Assertive people have a better chance of gaining the respect of those around them as they are able to stand up for themselves while considering the needs and views of others, according to the "Psychology Today," article "How to Be Assertive, Not Aggressive." Aggressive people can be intimidating; others may begin to avoid them.Let's take a glance at the top 40 intimidating players in NFL history.Certainly a list worth debating...(Side note: After beginning, I realized it's nearly impossible to rank these players from 40-1, so this is simply a list of the top 40 most intimidating players in history.All-weather riders will approve of the new alloy fenders front and back.The engine internals are unchanged, but there’s a new free-flowing stainless exhaust system topped off with stubby end cans from Competition Werkes.