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), is a Roman Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary associated with a venerated image enshrined within the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

The basilica is the most visited Catholic pilgrimage site in the world, and the world's third most-visited sacred site.

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OR dawg talk.” They went to bed and nearly forgot about it. The men, for their part, seemed taken with the notion of the “bromance,” especially one that wasn’t fraught with heterosexual anxiety.One night last winter, over too many tallboys, two best friends got to lamenting the plight of single men in New York: dating was expensive, Ok Cupid photos were misleading, “flirt-texting” was a waste of time (and dick pics certainly hadn’t worked out). In the end, wasn’t it better just hanging out with each other? A year later, they have gone on some two-dozen quad dates, yielding at least one brief relationship for Eric and a couple of solo dates for Kevin.Kevin De Backer, who is gay, and Eric Brown, who is straight, were both thirtysomething actors in Williamsburg. That’s when Eric had an epiphany: “We should make a joint Ok Cupid profile.” , and pitched their love rectangle to the internet: “We’re looking to quad date. If you are a gay man and have a single bestie girlfriend, hit us up… Sure, there were a lot of foursome inquiries, plus they were young, attractive, and promised to respond as often as possible (even if just to offer a “hope all your subway transfers were smooth today! Girls liked the concept because “Any straight dude who is besties with a gay man tells me he’s comfortable with his own sexuality,” said Amanda Power, a hairstylist who quadded with Eric and Kevin last summer.Guadalajara boasts more than a metropolitan city with a historic twist.As the capital of Jalisco, Guadalajara is also the Silicon Valley and fashion capital of Mexico. A quick weekend escape, I was welcomed in Guadalajara with hearty hospitality.